Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks about all these catastrophes and tragedies occurring. Are they a sign of the world coming to a tragic end some time soon? As much as I would like to be up to date with all the news going on right now in the world, sometimes I just have to turn off my TV because it's too depressing! My heart goes out to all the countries going through some form of war or natural disaster such as Libya and Japan.

It will be a VERY long time before Japan can fully recover, and even then, I don't believe Japan will ever be the same again. The people are now dealing with produce detected to have radiation and contaminated water. Everyone is now buying bottled water because they fear for their families' health. According to, the government of Fukushima Prefecture have told its residents to not eat leafy vegetables. Fukushima is one of Japan's top producers of fruits, vegetables, and rice. So it's a big blow for the farmers there to not be able to sell their crops to other cities.However, other cities are just being careful with food that is being imported from that section of Japan because of the possible radiation that can be carried in the produce.My heart really just goes out for all the victims who are going through this situation. No matter what your personal religions are this is a time for all of us to pray for Japan.

Now for something more local, the 9 year old Christina-Taylor Greene who was one of the victims of the fatal Tucson,Arizone shooting, is being honored with a 9 feet and 11 inches tall steel angel. What's special about this steel angel? The steel used to make the angel is actual steel from the World Trade Center! "We just wanted to do something to kind of help them heal, let them know that we're going to try to support them through their grief," said Hennessey-Owen. Hennessey-Owen is the person who has personally created the angel sculptures for the three 9/11 crash sites. The angel sculpture being made for Christina will be placed at the James D. Kriegh Park in Oro Valley, Arizona, where little Christina played Little League baseball. I commend her family for being so strong through this whole ordeal.

SO EVERYONE KNOWS THIS IS OUR LAST WEEK FOR THIS QUARTER! YES, IM EXCITED TOO BECAUSE WE GET OUR 1 WEEK OF VACATION =) HOWEVER, FINAL WEEK EQUALS FINAL EXAMS WHICH EQUALS STRESS! So calm down & breathe! All you have to do is study! That's it. On the day of your exam EAT BREAKFAST so your body will have energy to burn and be alert for your exams. Have something sweet with you like candy so your body can run on some sugar. I stress too and this advice I give you I also use! So GOOD LUCK!

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