Friday, April 22, 2011


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the U.S. According to, the goal and sole purpose of SAAM is "to raise public awareness about sexual violence and to educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual violence". We don't have to be victims or silent victims! I read up on statistics of sexual assault and what I read really made me extremely upset. According to RAINN(Rape,Abuse,Incest National Network),
  • 1 out of every 6 American women have been victims of an attempted or completed rape
  • 17.7 MILLION American women have been victims of an attempted or completed rape
  • About 3 % of American men have experienced an attempted or completed rape
  • 15% of sexual assault and rape victims are under the age of 12
  • 29% of these children are between the ages of 12 and 17
  • Girls between the ages of 16 and 19 are more likely to be victims of rape,attempted rape, or sexual assault
  • 7% of girls are in grades 5-8
  • 93% of the juvenile victims population knew their attacker


In these crimes, about 60% of rapes and other sexual assaults are never reported. So 15 out of 16 rapists will never serve one day in jail. Fear is the number one cause why victims will never report.They're afraid their attacker will come back and hurt them or someone in their families. Support for victims in these difficult times are extremely important.
If you or anyone you know have been victims of any forms of sexual assault then you can call
                             BECAUSE NO ONE SHOULD SUFFER IN SILENCE!

BERKELEY COLLEGE NEWARK CAMPUS WILL BE HAVING THE SCREAM THEATER ON CAMPUS! SCREAM Theater is a peer educational, interactive theater program that educates groups and initiates dialogue about issues of interpersonal
violence including sexual assault, dating violence, same-sex violence,
stalking, bullying, and peer harassment. Skits are performed by
undergraduate students from Rutgers University. IT WILL BE ON TUESDAY,APRIL 26,2011 AT 12 PM IN ROOM 300.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So Berkeley students are in their second week of the spring quarter! We're off to a good start.Make sure to try your best to attend all classes.I know things come up unexpectedly and that's understandable but besides that make an effort and attend the classes because you never know what you're missing. The following flier has different activities for this week so new students are encouarged to attend so that you can meet new people.
 (1)Career services "Resume Review" 12:00 pm-1:15pm at the Student Center(lounge)
 (2)Criminal Justice Speaker Series,Mr.Clark Hill,lunch be will served 12:00pm-1:15pm, also at the Student Center
(3)Mental Health Discussion with personal counselor, Amanda Frey,2:00pm, Room TBD
(4)Japan Relief Efforts: Come make "Japanese Culture Crane" (with origami).Each crane will send a monetary donation to Japan,1:00pm-3:00pm at the Student Center
(5)Going to the Career Fair in NYC,last day to sign up,see Jenny Baguidy or Greg Sanders in Career Services by TODAY!
(6) SDLC will be collecting donations for Japan Relief

APRIL 14,2011:
(1)Do you have a birthday in the month of April??Sign up with SDCL!
(2)Hyacinth Aid Foundation: Condom Tour "Spring into Safe Sex" 12:30pm-1:30 pm at the Student Center
(4)SDCL will be collecting donations for Japan Relief!

APRIL 15,2001:
(1)Career Fair: The Radisson Martinique on Broadway 49 West 32nd Street NY,NY
(2)SCDL will be collecting donations for Japan Relief!

In Japanese Culture, the crane is an important symbol representing longetivity and good fortunes.When made from Origami they are always flying, representing life.

So I hope everyone can come and join in these activities.


I was reading online about the murdered Virginia lacrosse star, Yeardley Love. She was found face down on her bed with her comforter over her, there was blood on the pillow,her eyes were swollen shut, and her face was bruised. It was clear to her roommate, Caity Whiteley, who found her, that something very serious had just happened to her best friend. 

Person going before a grand jury due to enough probable cause? Her former boyfriend, University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely.

Today, Yeardley's family released this heart felt statement:

"We miss Yeardley so very much and will work tirelessly to make her proud of us. It is truly devastating to wake up each day and realize she is no longer here. Her bright, bright future was stolen from us all. Yeardley's contagious smile, kind spirit and gentle touch have left this world, but we know heaven now has an angel like no other. ... We have faith in the justice system and trust that the truth will prevail."

My heart goes out to Yeardley's family and friends who are truly devastated by the loss of an amazing,young,beautiful spirited woman who was just starting out her life.We have to remember that every day is a gift! Stop holding resentment towards others. Don't live your life dwelling on mistakes you have made.Learn from them,put them behind you,and move on. Love those who love you and live every day as if it were your last.Ignore those who intentionally cause you pain, remember that misery loves company. Life is too short to be living in the past and being unforgiving. Smile for the good AND the bad that happens in your life because it makes you who you are!

     “Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens."