Friday, January 28, 2011

National Poverty in American Awareness Month

So from all the categories of events for January that have provided us with, I have chosen January to be the National Poverty in America Awareness Month. I always hear about how people want to travel to Third World countries and assist in helping out victims of poverty. While there is nothing wrong with that, America also has places where poverty persists. Right here in Newark I see many homeless people make a long line for the soup kitchen every Saturday. It breaks my heart when I see mothers with their children in the cold waiting to just have something to eat. We should be able to reach out and lend a hand to those less fortunate than us. There are many volunteering programs that one can find online. Remember to always lend a hand to those in need.

On another note, I have the mose hated word of the week! SNOW! I think I talk on behalf of every Jersey resident when I say THIS IS JUST CRAZY! I love the snow but it's been snowing so much there are piles of snow everywhere! Some piles have to be about 6 feet tall! From all the years of living in Jersey, this is the most craziest winter yet. So when you're driving or walking, be careful. The roads and sidewalks are very slippery. Don't run or drive too fast. Our safety comes first before anything.

So by now, everyone is on their 4th week of this winter quarter which can only mean one thing: midterms are just around the corner! I can feel the stress in the air =) BREATHE & RELAX! Start studying early and start on those papers so that when midterm week is here, the work won't be piled on. Procrastination is number one factor of stress for college students. I know because I've been there. Developing good study habits can helps us so much. If you need help, ask the professor or another fellow student. There's nothing wrong with asking for help!


Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I hope everyone is having a great quarter so far! I'm getting tons of homework and quizzes already and it's just week 2! I hope everyone is getting to school safely with all this snow Jersey has received lately. It just keeps piling on! Personally, for me,it's hard to take public transportation with all this now because there's a lot of sidewalks that aren't shoveled yet.There's just too much ice everywhere.So please, while your driving, be alert and drive slower than usual! If you're walking,you can easily spot the ice on the ground so  try to avoid stepping on it but if you can't avoid it,then step on it lightly.

On a much more serious note,by this time I know everyone has heard of the Arizona shootings and the lives of the victims that were taken,including a 9 year old girl, Christina Taylor Green.
Even at her tender age, Christina had already taken on a political role.She had just been elected onto the student council of her school and wanted to attend Penn State so that she could receive an education and assist those less fortunate than herself. She came from a well known family. Her grandfather was Dallas Green, a former major-league pitcher;and her father was John Green, a scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers. She was thankful for everything she had so she knew she wanted to help others.In a twist of fate, her life ended in a tragic way but also began on a tragic day.She was born on September 11,2001. To her parents,she was a perfect angel and,now,after death,she is their angel.

The following are events that will take place on the Newark campus.Hope everyone can attend at least one of these!

The following are DISCOUNTS that many students do not know about! Take advantage of these!

Now that you know,I hope you guys would take advantage of the NJ Transit discount because I know many students take public transportation and buying bus and light rail passes every month can make a hole in our wallets.So think smart & act quickly!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Quarter,A New Beginning

So today was the first official beginning of all classes at Berkeley College.I can't speak for everyone else, but I'm definitely happy to be back in class where I can put my mind to good use. It's always good to see new students and it's always a pleasure to see my fellow classmates who have been with me since I started in the fall of 2008(yes,it'll be 3 years since I started at BC).Since I am realizing that I will hopefully be graduating next year, I'm starting to reflect more on what kind of career will make me happy and useful to my community. I think that's the same for everyone else graduating next year with me.However, for now, I'm enjoying the time I have with my friends at school and focusing on my studies.

Now,I just want to fill in everyone on the activities that will be going on on campus.The following are the fliers for those activities.So I hope everyone gets involved especially in the blood drive and the "God's Love We Deliver"programs. I know many people are AFRAID of needles but it's for a very AMAZING cause! I have been donating blood since I have started at BC,unfortunately I can't at the moment, but If I had the chance I wouldn't think twice about possibly saving someone's life.SO PLEASE SIGN UP TO DONATE & SAVE A LIFE!
All these activities are great for all new students so you can get to know one another and meet new people.It's a great socializing experience and you won't regret.I have come to know for a fact that the friends you make in college are usually the ones you'll remain friends with for a lifetime=)

As this new quarter is beginning, I hope everyone is determined to keep their grades up and to try to attend every class possible.I understand incidents may come up where we won't be able to make it to class,but please attend the ones you can.Many professors deduct points from your overall grade which gives you a grade less than you should have attained. Same goes for all the homework.HOMEWORK IS VERY IMPORTANT TO YOUR FINAL GRADE! If there are things you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask the professor because that's exactly what they are there for.They don't expect us to understand everything.IT'S OK TO ASK QUESTIONS WHEN YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND.

Keep track of all the homework assignments and their due dates.Remember to study for all quizzes and exams( these are the most important ones)!If you need help studying, get together with another fellow student or friend who understands the topic better than you do.Try not to stress about assignments and exams.I stress but when I do, I try different methods. For example:
  • take a break!
  • go walk outside for a little bit
  • get something to drink
  • eat a candy or anything with sugar so you will have energy
  •  take a nap
  • meditate
  • try yoga


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